AIR Child Care Training Solutions have provided it’s life saving courses for nearly 30 years.

The organization places its emphasis on providing training for families, care givers, child care workers, and community organizations as well as life saving research.

  • Simple

    AIR has focused on making our "Learning Portal" easy to use. We have incorporated the use of buttons and dashboards so our clients can easily manaqe their account, courses, and training status along the way. The AIR Learning Portal makes life simple for companies, administrators, and individual users. You can trust AIR with your training needs.

  • Tailored

    AIR courses have been specifically designed with you in mind. Instead of having a "One Size Fits All" approach, AIR is dedicated to giving our clients/students helpful learning content that meets your training needs. We will help develop skills you will use in your job as well as personal life.

  • Memorable

    AIR courses are developed by subject matter experts that have the unique ability to eeffectively communicate the "Why" behind what is being taught. We take the time to build the big picture so it all makes sense and is easy to remember. Learning skills and building confidence goes much further than simply meeting minimum requirements for a signature or certification card.

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